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Zone 66

Talented and creative developer Renaissance released Zone 66 in the year 1993. The game was new, challenging and very engaging. Play it again online here.

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The value of that beneficial effect, which is a good arcade game has on the soul exhausted by daily life once it started working, it is difficult to overestimate. Sit, sometimes for an hour or two at the helm of a fighter in the good old Raiden or fly halfway across the galaxy in unsurpassed Tyrian, and now life seems more fun, and the day brighter. Therefore, each jewel in the collection of the arcade however, worthy of careful analysis, each trait is a long savoring. After all, the remaining after that, the memories – priceless.

Zone 66 – the most representative of the healing of antiquity should know about any fan of old games. This arcade game is firmly sinks into the soul from the first frame insanely beautiful opening sequence – the events in it, we are still unclear, but something is happening prompts to sit down for the game as it should, with all carefulness. Style whether it is the attractive power of the atmosphere? The personal tragedy of the protagonist or full of dark gaps in the world picture of the future that we draw a strict line of introduction? Try to understand, and at the same time'll go deeper into the gameplay appears before us works.

An unsolvable problem of our time – terrorism – as it turned out, not give people peace in the future. Stiffer centralizovana becomes the power of UN, the stronger the resistance she criminal elements. The petty clashes soon develop into a full-scale war that covers the entire Earth as a whole. To combat the threat created a special unit – the so-called GSA (Global Security Agency) – an Agency of global security. With it, the threat had been eliminated... for the most part. After quite a bit of time after the major battles terrorists suddenly again declare itself, this time with nuclear weapons. Among the victims were the family and our hero – the former pilot of the Agency. Having lost everything he had, he clings to a thin thread that may lead him on the trail of the evil geniuses that caused this unprecedented scale of disaster. Now your task is to do everything necessary so that the criminals behind this crime, no one else could harm.

Have to fly across the expanses of eight levels – the major sectors, which are divided into the game. The main difference between them is geographic conditions. Then we bomb the enemy base among the tropical Islands, the situation there is changing in the desert, and then will have to war and somewhere in the cold regions of the planet, maybe even in the Arctic. And the farther you advance in the story, the more harsh and unusual environment becomes in the later episodes you will meet unfriendly grey wasteland with lava lakes and even... hopeless space where vigilant enemy has placed his final line of defense.Always starting on a small landing pad in the middle of the map, you're free to go in any direction – strategically important in Zone 66 are literally all objects of the opponent, even the most small and insignificant, and all of them must be destroyed to move on. Opponents, however, make every effort to make your task the most difficult – the amount of opposed to you aircraft and pieces of equipment is simply amazing, and sometimes surprising accuracy of their pilots and drivers. But to win it is possible, because you control not some rusty junk, and ultra-modern fighter-bombers – one of those that are in the service of GSA. And what – you decide. Immediately before the beginning of the job, you can choose from a dozen of models with different armor, maneuverability and speed, and to complete it the composition of missiles and bombs, which is considered optimal. And to change your choice or make amendments to the set of weapons at any time during the mission just to land on one of the special platforms. Although, frankly, it will have to do more often than time out of ammunition, because the only way you can refuel with fuel and patch up the injured in the unequal combat trim. So don't waste the repair platform in mind, the benefit for each level are scattered quite a lot.

But the strength of our fighter is not only in the number taken on Board bombs and missiles. No, the interesting thing lies in its unique devices that due to the increased fuel consumption for a short time to enter one of two modes of flight. The first of these – the so-called shadow mode – you become completely invulnerable to any enemy attacks. Lasers, missiles, a round of shots will pass through you as through a Ghost. You, in turn, nothing prevents to bring death to all living things, while remaining completely unpunished. The second mode – acceleration mode – not so interesting, but also can help out in critical situations when an urgent need to get away from the fire or as soon as possible to get to the next goal. Therefore, if the time to replenish the fuel reserves, the entire enemy army will not be able to oppose you.

If the enemy is too strong and your plane is flaming wreckage falls to the ocean floor or on the barren sand dunes, do not worry – the number of attempts in Zone 66 is limited only by your patience. However, for every wreck will have to pay points, but there's nothing you can do. And if you want to forget about strategic subtlety and just have fun, pay attention to the settings in the main menu – modes of immortality, infinite fuel, unlimited ammunition, and are always at your service. What is necessary, if you expect from the game simply being able to relax.

In addition to all its advantages, Zone 66 is able to surprise you more and its stunning music, its rhythm fits perfectly in the General atmosphere, completing the organic pattern of the gameplay of the game. And no wonder - because the author of these musical compositions - none other than demosceners musician C. C. Catch'and (Kenny Chou), and they are written with the use of brand effects of the group of Renaissance, analogues of which to choose is not so easy. As you know, a game created by demosceners, are unique in style and detailed study of both the technical and the design side. What can I say - Zone 66 - the product, excellent in all respects.

When the injustice – all that remained of a coherent system of justice when corruption has reached the highest circles of government, when people fall into despair from the onset of despair, there comes a time hero. A hero capable of single-handedly at the helm of the formidable war machine to restore the order of things and to find the real perpetrators of a terrible tragedy that shook the humanity. Play Zone 66 where as never before we need your help.

Play your favorite childhood game Zone 66 online in your browser for free here.


Zone 66

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