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Remember playing your all-time favorite Pac-Maine which was launched by University of Maine at Fort Kent in the year 1988? You can now play it online again here.

Pac-Maine description

One of the most absurd, but at the same time - a relatively funny clone of the famous Pac-Man'. In Russian, the name of the 23rd US state sounds exactly the same as the second part of the name of the original game. Despite the fact that in the English pronunciation they are different, one of the employees of the University of Maine in Fort Kent decided to play the pun and created a Pac-Maine (so is the name of the state).

As stated in the game, her goal is to motivate students to pursue knowledge and positive evaluations. Therefore, the place of points that you need to collect to move to the next level, took five (A), and the ghosts replaced the various disturbing on the way to quality education factors from the evil influence of peers to addiction to beer (which, of course, in real life can not have a negative impact on the learning process). All four levels, and the transitions between them are realized in the form of stairs, and navigate through them freely, after all, the key task is to collect all of the top scores, the sequence is not critical. As expected, each "Ex." will bring points, but periodically appear bonuses (according to the author of the game involves good health, good relationship and responsibility), which significantly replenish your account. For everything our protagonist (and he is not round, but for some reason the square) has five lives, which is quite enough, as the game easily, despite the sometimes unfair behavior of the "vices" and some technical flaws (sometimes the game for no apparent reason briefly stops to listen to the control).

I think you'll agree that the idea is to give people knowledge in a variety of channels, including computer games is a positive trend. But Pac-Maine pursues a different goal – to motivate students to study through the arcade? Very strange attempt. Hardly anyone after this wants to rush to the library or sit at a lab.

* - according to the author of the description.

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Action, Educational
University of Maine at Fort Kent
Raymond Albert