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Rainbow Arts Software GmbH developed a DOS game in the year 1994 called Lollypop. In the video game ranking, this game ruled the charts for a very long time. You can now play it again online by clicking here.

Lollypop description

Dear and a surprisingly good arcade game in which we will play for a girl-doll Lolly, is a big fan razeseasca sweet Goodies. Is that doll life she breathes lightning, and Lolly is immediately sent to the land of Sweets to collect them as much as possible. However, first you need to escape from the terrible toy factory...

But as it turned out, the world of candy and cakes is not so peaceful as it might seem. It is inhabited by many even funny, but the hostile inhabitants who do not want to share the sweets. So Lolly has no choice as to take them by force. Actually, this is the meaning of the game: run and jump (a lot of jumping!) for a variety of (very beautiful!) locations, collect bonuses and kill enemies funny. By the way, Lolly. there's even a superweapon (microphotometer), allowing you to slay enemies outright, so our doll is not as simple as it might seem at first glance.

However, a funny look there still not all. First, in addition to enemies, there's a lot of different traps, and secondly- at the end of each level we will have a really scary (but kind of racy!) boss to fight which will be very difficult.

Bonuses special variety do not differ, a large part of them is used to replenish health or to open the various key areas on the level. There is, incidentally, and harmful bonuses, that reduce health or cause Lolly is inadequate to move some time. The number of blows of the monster that our girl can withstand, is three. Each level is strictly limited by time. Can not be maintained, but each level has its own password, so first to start and then not have.

Talking about the graphics don't even want to – she can not have a good port from the Amiga to be bad, well, can not! Each level differs from another, they all performed so beautifully that the eyes do not tear, Oh and the boss levels – generally a separate issue. And after all this action will unfold under amazing music... overall, a great platformer, vivid and picturesque, despite the elements of cruelty, with a very "warm" atmosphere, but don't be fooled! – the game is not for little girls, but for serious and experienced fans of arcade games.

Tired of your same old routine, want to add some entertainment and fun element in hour life? Play one of the best videogame Lollypop online now and change your boring oold routine for good.



Rainbow Arts Software GmbH, Softgold Computerspiele GmbH
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