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WWF European Rampage Tour

WWF European Rampage Tour, a top-notch Action game was developed by Ocean Software Ltd. in the year 1992. This was a very famous and in-demand DOS game. You can play it online here again.

WWF European Rampage Tour description

The second game from Ocean Software on the topic of "sport" called "wrestling" (first Wrestlemania).

A choice of four real fighter-wrestler - The Ultimate Warrior, Brett 'Hitman' Hart, Macho Man Randy Savage and, of course, a favorite of kids of the early 90's- Hulk Hogan. Before the game, you must form a team of two fighters, for which you will play, and then to hold a series of four matches (i.e., to every wrestler fought with the other).

The only important feature of fighters - the number available to them at the moment, "energy units" (despite the fact that technically the wrestling is "theatrical" fight in this game blows pretty serious). In addition to "normal" games (against the computer) has a hotseat mode on one monitor and exercise regime.

Combos not so much - mostly standard techniques with hands and feet. However, there are some interesting things - for example, you can grab the enemy and throw him to the ground (this technique is most powerful), and you can even climb on ropes that protected the ring, and jump out at the opponent. To push the enemy outside the ring (and pushed yourself) - not at all difficult, but the fight ends in 10 seconds, and the ring it is possible to return. By the way, the fight ends and if one of the fighters lying on the ground, always given time to sober up, more - the game allows you to crawl (!), and it looks quite funny, even in this "inappropriate" position, the enemy can strike.

Graphics are good, the fighters have probably made recognizable (at least those who watched "Thunder in Paradise" or Comedy with Hogan - he will know for sure) and cute; because fights are in the arena of major European cities, before each series of rounds we will report on the background of some of the local attractions. So the game looks, especially given the genre, it looks very good. Sounds not much, but the music in the Intro is awesome.

To recommend, however, the game in the first place only to fans of such "mixed" fighting games, although it should be noted the high complexity of the passage (the management here is not too easy for the successful development) and the fact that within the sub-genre of this game is probably the best.

Play your favorite childhood game WWF European Rampage Tour online in your browser for free here.

Source: Archive.org, Mobygames.com

WWF European Rampage Tour

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