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Want to play your all-time favorite BlackThorne online, which was released by Blizzard Entertainment in the year 1994? Click here to play.

BlackThorne description

A wonderful arcade game with puzzle elements, the game is ported to many platforms and everywhere became imperishable masterpiece of gaming art.

You play as a Prince, a child forced to flee to our dimension to escape from the forces of Darkness besieging the castle of his father. Only because the court magician, he managed to escape that night by jumping into the portal briefly opened.

Many years later, a solitary figure wanders slowly along the motorway. Pump-action shotgun casually carried over the shoulder. Suddenly off in the distance as if space opens up, forming a kind of door, and the silhouette of a man immediately rushes there. The portal slams shut behind him. So begins BlackThorne.

The gameplay is to sneak around the mines, solve simple puzzles (they mostly involved killing a certain enemy, taking from him of a certain object and use this object anywhere) and talk to the inhabitants of the Kingdom, which all the polls were turned into slaves. Bored? Only at first glance.

Kyle (Kyle) has a number of different techniques. Quite apart from the usual jumps, rifts and pull-UPS and also firing the shotgun, he can shoot back without looking (looks extremely cool), to press into the wall and use different inventory items. In addition to quest items and healing potions are also stored essential items such as the floating mines (fly in above the floor that explode on contact) and RC bugs that are also very painful blow. In addition to purely kill enemies, these items are also sometimes used in solving puzzles. Sometimes you have to rescue the NPC, for which they will reward you a large number of lives, a useful thing or a shotgun with increased fire rate. Nice of them.

Graphics the PC version looks, oddly enough, is much more impressive than on the same SNES. Sorry, blurry pictures and low resolution in this case played with a huge cruel joke. The character sprites are quite large and detailed, and the animation is above all praise (especially of the same shooting back).

About the sound of anything specific I can not - everything sounds as it should, no more and no less. There's not in the sound business...

Something chaotic obzorchik happened. Clearly stick out my warm, almost fan feelings for this wonderful game. I recommend everyone to compulsory passing.

Want to play BlackThorne online now, play it on your browser here.



Interplay Productions, Inc.
Blizzard Entertainment
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Platform, Shooter