Champ Kong

With many different features and various levels, Champ Kong released in 1996 hit the right chords right from the beginning. Play this excellent Action game and online now.

Champ Kong description

One of the classic remakes of the old games from the arcade, was created in 1997 by a group of CHAMProgramming.

Champ Kong, as you might guess from the title, is a remake of the Donkey Kong games, which, in fact, appeared for the first time the famous Mario. Here is the story and meaning are the same - to save his beloved from Kong. Each level is a screen with platforms and ladders; in the upper part are Kong and the Princess, in the bottom - Mario. The aim of our hero to rise above and try (yet - just to try) to free the beautiful girl from the clutches of the monkey, which Kong, of course, will make every effort to prevent it. Of course, given several lives and a number of bonus items (including just to increase your score).

On the first level, for example, it sends against you rolling the barrels as soon as possible to get the bonus hammer to destroy their blows, making your way higher and higher, although you can jump (a first - and do not have to). Also note that at the bottom of the screen from the burning tank appear to the other lights with the eyes - allies Cong, able to climb ladders: they can also be sent to better world with hammer blows, and for every kill increases the score by points. Theoretically speaking, the enemy can try and jump, but it's very hard; it should be noted also that the hammer is not eternal: after a (not too small) the number of produced hits, he will disappear. In addition to killing enemies, a hammer can help to pierce through the platform holes to force the lights that can jump only to a height, to fall these places down. After reaching the upper platform level hero though and rescues the Princess (whoever she is), but Kong quickly grabs her under his arm and goes even higher.

On the second level, the game changes somewhat: Kong just stands at the top and facing you, while some shells are born constantly Bouncing lights, chasing you, which should be killed with a hammer, but he must first get to the lights ceased to be born, the shell it is necessary to take as a bonus, which is not so easy. Here, in addition to fighting with the lights, you have a more important task: "to break the" support platform on which is Kong, at the same time taking on side two of the bonus squares.

Then follows the third level concept of the repetition of the first, but more complicated: now Kong is not only to go against you to roll the barrel, but it throws flying a fairly complex trajectory of multi-colored bags. And so on levels in the game a lot, and each something different from the previous one; that will be quite different from the above levels - for example, Mario will have to jump on a small riding up and down the platforms, while dodging the omnipresent lights...

By far the most original and exciting of the "Champ's": not only through innovations but also through radically improved graphics, where there are even some animation effects. Highly recommended to all fans of well-made arcade games.

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Champ Kong

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