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Player Manager 2

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Player Manager 2 description

The second part of a series of simulations of the coach of the English football team, seeking to take his players to the Premier League.

Especially a lot about this game I will not say. A large part of the gameplay, as always in these games, focus on training, development of tactical schemes and transfer of players (buy them from other clubs if they will agree and sell them their own). On each of the players has a good dossier with a description of their characteristics. Some of the characteristics of (especially psychological) can vary – for example, if a player is talented, but he somehow for a long time could not score a goal, his "morality" falls and it begins to show very poor results in speed and skill.

Matches in the game, but unlike other similar simulators, we can do nothing to influence the course of the match (even advice) – only to watch and suffer from impotence to change anything, even the approximate position players you need to specify before the match. However, this applies only to the management of the entire team in this game, almost the only generally, you can "transform" into a particular player, and that his actions on the field control is already possible (and therefore, indirectly and the actions of others).

Perspective review (online matches) – top, the graphics is a standard for the subgenre: a great portrayal of the field and not very good – model players. The game itself is only recommended for the most ardent fans of football managers, because it's objectively inferior to most "brothers" for a number of moments. If not for the opportunity to feel like a particular player on the field – it could be called even bad, but it is possible, and that means the game is at least very interesting (though not as football Manager).

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Player Manager 2

Simulation, Sports, Strategy/Tactics
Anco Software Ltd.
Anco Software Ltd.
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