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Microprose Pro Soccer

With many different features and various levels, Microprose Pro Soccer released in 1989 hit the right chords right from the beginning. Play this excellent Sports game and online now.

Microprose Pro Soccer description

A football game that may be dubbed "the most serious and advanced of arcade".

The main distinguishing feature of the game is that it consists of two parts. First and foremost – it's a standard European game is relatively realistic, although some combinations and strikes very strange and even funny. There is an opportunity to choose the command to set the duration of the match, weather conditions (!), you can also watch replays of scoring chances. Of the game modes available in single matches, League and world championship.

The second part is some very weird game taking place on the field of the small size and similar to American football, but passing on a bit different rules. Game modes, as well as the techniques and combinations are the same as in the main part.

The game is completely the top, while the players are drawn quite large and of high quality. General view of the game is quite fun – for example, the players reminded me of the heroes of our cartoons about the team, "meteor" and "Vympel". However, despite this, the "child" to call the game still does not. The verdict, however, is easy and "free of tension" simulation, perfectly suitable for relaxing in the evenings.

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Microprose Pro Soccer

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