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Warlords II

In 1993, a DOS game was released by Strategic Studies Group Pty Ltd.. The game was called Warlords II and belongs to Strategy/Tactics genre. Play it online by clicking here.

Warlords II description

Load again load and again load game... finally! After a rather long reading of the records of our army utterly defeated the powerful garrison of the enemy headed him the most powerful hero, and as trophies we got a rich town and a bag of junk (sorry, with magical artifacts) the aforementioned hero. All this is commonplace for Warlords II (and for any game of this series), and the questions "Not tired?" I usually answer "Bored to death", but still play in this strategy. It has a lot of interesting and unique moments that make it worth enduring the annoying, repetitive work. And in a game there is no routine? It is everywhere, somewhere more, somewhere less.

I deliberately started the story of Warlords II with one of its most important features – unmanaged fight. So many pushes that moment. But the lack of control here is only apparent – in fact, it's just a form of calculating the results of battles and nothing more. In the game of any genre, the authors have an important and complex issue: how to most accurately display the human impact on the game world? Step-by-step strategies is reduced to the problem of the fighting between the troops of different parties. Here, the developers make different decisions, and each of them has its pros and cons. In some games (Imperialism, M. A. X.) every military unit gets ONLY the specified damage from a distance – there is no place for chance, but too much predictability and we can say, "shahmatnoi". In others (Heroes of Might and Magic, Panzer General), along with baseline data for all troops, there is the element of chance: morality, luck and so on. Thirdly, this includes all games in the series Warlords - no direct control over each part in a tactical battle, which, of course, prevent the player to show ALL his skill in battle, but allows him to fully focus on preparing for this battle. All these (and many other) decisions of sponsors of the games is to be viable, and to argue which one is better makes no sense. Here we have to choose each player on their own, as the saying goes - "the taste and color of comrades there."

In comparison with the first part, the Warlords II was improved (and successfully) almost everything. Perhaps least changed is the graphics, although it has improved somewhat. As before, on the strategic map are at war among themselves, the eight generals under the control of people or artificial intelligence. But such cards are now several, each with their own unique features that affect the course of the game. The interface is much "friendlier", there are many new information opportunities, various data (for example, there is a kind of chronicle of each scenario, in which all events are recorded: those in which the move took the city or found item). Now you can not only see in one table all of the settings of the troops and their unique abilities, but also to determine combat order in which they will fight. There was quite an important innovation diplomacy, although it is quite primitive, and the computer opponents tend to fight against the man. Before beginning any script, you can enable different options, which did not exist before: it is the "fog of war", the ability to see the armies of the enemy and so on; all of this changes the difficulty of the game even more than the installation level of each of the computer opponents.

A lot of new and development of cities. During the capture of the city, you can choose whether to take it, "plunder" (that is, sell the opportunity to teach there troops of a particular type) or to destroy. But be careful - when you won't have ANY city, you will be defeated, no matter what powerful army you have no left. You can also buy the possibility of training different troops in a particular city.

A lot of innovations and improvements made for the characters. They began to live up to its name, because each of them - with proper development - can single-handedly defeat entire armies; heroes in every way necessary, that is, "to cherish". Streamlined and improved system for the heroes to get experience, there was an honorary title for them (champion, Amazon, paladin, etc.). However, there is no unique abilities for the characters of different Nations - this will only appear in the third part of Warlords. A very interesting and exciting innovation was the emergence of the quests: now hero can when you visit the respective building on the map to a task (for example, to take the desired city, destroy so many soldiers in particular), for which performance is promised a great reward; the process of performing a task is very exciting and delivers no less pleasure than the reward.

In General, innovations in the game, including various pleasant trifles - for example, road signs: you can not only read them but write them anything (if your units are nearby) - from the banal "Vasya was Here" to the sublime epic of the phrase "I, Darius Gustasp, the conqueror of the Scythians..." and so on.

So what about Warlords II, you can say it briefly: it is a good sequel to a good game.

Want to play Warlords II online now, play it on your browser here.

Source: Archive.org, Mobygames.com

Warlords II

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