Twilight’s Ransom

Twilight's Ransom is a Adventure game released by Paragon Software Corporation in 1988. It is an interesting DOS game and a must play for all old videogame lovers.

Twilight’s Ransom description

Paragon Software for its not too long history has managed to create a lot of quality games of different genres. Since the beginning of its activities in the second half of 1980-ies, the escape is very popular at the time text quests failed. To be proud of in this field they have nothing, but once it started working erudite acquainted not only with the masterpieces, so let's see what awaits us in Twilight's Ransom.

We start the game as Ron Mulligan. He's a young artist working in the advertising campaign of liberty city is a fictional metropolis, the description is very reminiscent of the more famous namesake of GTA: shining splendor of the day and scary and dangerous night. Ron is in love with Maria, an immigrant from El Salvador, who is actively trying to conquer their new place of residence. One Friday night, he goes home to the girl to celebrate the onset of the weekend, but finds the apartment ransacked, and Mary herself had disappeared. It is clearly unclean and need to take urgent and decisive measures to rescue.

The game begins with the moment when Ron just walked up to the door of the apartment. We have to examine the scene, along the way becoming acquainted with some surprisingly inhumane parser, and understand that the user manual was not deceived, when he advised to draw a map on a piece of paper, without which it is not easy to navigate even in the compact housing, but then have to walk around the city, where sometimes in order to get into the building, you need to approach it from a certain direction. A time for thorough and repeated study of all things not at our disposal, only 12 in-game hours, which although not in real time, and the moves, but do not give - beat the game the first time unlikely.

As the schedule is completely absent, the developers decided to take the other: the text here is very detailed; in addition, the box with the game were so-called feelies - additional materials which are relevant to the gameplay, for example, found in the beginning in the apartment of Mary note. And it really adds to the atmospherics.

Twilight's Ransom - a good detective (though, rather, a Thriller, but won't spoil), which I tried, but the vicious practice of the time limit and failed the parser spoils the overall impression. However, to find a player among oldgamer she might get lucky.

Now, play Twilight’s Ransom online for free on your browser and make your boring weekend fun and full of entertainment.