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Tintin on the Moon

Click here, to play the famous game Tintin on the Moon developed by Infogrames Europe SA in the year 1989 and enjoy! Remember do not get nostalgic!

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Tintin is a hero child (maybe not quite) series of detective comics, brave detective, who along with his faithful dog Snowy investigates the most incredible, intricate, and almost always very exotic in terms of the geography of the scene of the case. In the mid-90s in our country showed animated series based on this comic. Despite, in General, serious for kids theme, stories about Tintin characterized by a complete lack of violence and an unusual warmth.

Tintin stepped from the pages of comic books to the screens of monitors before TV screens and the good "spirit" of the original comic book, unfortunately, has not survived – at least here. Now before you – the first game about a young detective dedicated to, among other things, the most extraordinary of all his adventures – the flight to the moon. The game was released on PC later than on many other platforms.

The game features two types of gameplay. The first is a flying game with a side view – driving a rocket, where you flying heroes, we need to Dodge asteroids and collect two types of bonuses: red sphere ("plot", to pass the level) and green to replenish health. The second – more traditional platforming: the game the missile will be a traitor, which will connect the team members, put the bombs and arrange a few fires (but it will not happen immediately), Tintin will have to run and jump inside to extinguish the fire, bombs and unleash astronauts, often making huge jumps (because the action takes place in zero gravity).

Please note: this is two kinds of, type of gameplay, if you will, and they will alternate, so when suddenly, the game of flying will go to the platformer, not particularly pleased that space you will no longer see. The controls are quite difficult, and generally not play very simply and not very interesting.

Yes, it is sad, but we must recognize this fact – in this series, "the first pancake" clearly out "lumpy". The graphics here certainly might seem average, but considering the year the game and that it was not ported to the spectrum, not Amstrad, it could be called beautiful, especially, for example, models of the characters and the interior of the ship, though poor in color, but is drawn very clearly. But in the game there is absolutely no "flavor" - it's just a two-pronged arcade game, nothing more, and any "igroizatsii" the adventures of this wonderful character would like, to put it mildly, more.

Verdict – this one is only "average". Recommended game, by the way, in the first place only to fans of simple arcade games as such – if you are not too demanding, the game you will surely enjoy because that in itself is not bad, in any way. Well, if you're a fan of the adventures of Tintin, you should pay attention to the later games in the series in the genre of "quest", because everything is done on many, many orders of magnitude higher.

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Source: Archive.org, Mobygames.com

Tintin on the Moon

Infogrames Europe SA
Infogrames Europe SA
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