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The Slugger

A DOS game was developed by Mastertronic, Inc. and then released by Ocean Software in 1986, the game was called The Slugger. Now you can relive the memories by playing it online here.

The Slugger description

Baseball simulation game from British developers, an interesting mix of complexity and simplicity: the game is played completely by the rules of this baseball game (which are explained briefly on a couple of introductory screens, and without which knowledge to play this game is impossible), but on the dynamics TheSlugger – the arcade game; however, this is manifested primarily in the absence of any statistics of the matches – the game process is very complicated.

You can play together on one computer, the number of periods in the match – three, six or nine. The prospect of the review, only one – in a fairly "high" ISOs, and always at a certain angle. You can control the player closest to the ball at the moment (with the ball he may not be). It is possible to apply some "tricks" to change the color of your team uniform and so on.

The graphics in this game, unfortunately, can not be called very beautiful, but this is true primarily for the characteristics of figures of players that made too conditional and vague. In General the game is very atmospheric, you are waiting for insertion, with dancing girls from support groups and posters, and the stadium has spectator stands, the American flag and other inherent attributes. So the picture is still more good than bad. The overall verdict is a good baseball simulation, but, for obvious reasons, on the fan, like any game in this direction.

Relive your old memories by playing The Slugger free and online on your browser now.


The Slugger

Action, Sports
Mastertronic, Inc.
Ocean Software