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The Games: Winter Challenge

A Action game, The Games: Winter Challenge was released in 1991 by the famous developed Accolade, Inc.. It is a DOS game and is perfect for all video game lovers.

The Games: Winter Challenge description

You know, I LOVE sports games. Of course, many say they are – a weak substitute for the real sport, but when they made fun, and you can play them. I love the firm Accolade. Hell, one of my favorite companies in the game development, along with LucasArts, Sierra, EA sports and Sir-tech Canada. She, of course, is famous for its same-race Grand Prix Circuit Moto GP. But today the conversation is not about them. Today talking about the Winter Challenge.

This is a simulator of the Olympic winter games. Accordingly, we were waiting for the bobsled, ski jumping, giant slalom, biathlon, skating, downhill, skeleton and marathon.

Ice hockey and some others have a much more serious simulation game from EA sports. And if I wanted to soar over the trampoline, cutting the face of the fresh breeze of the Alps? Then this game is for you.

Control not that intuitive, it is clear even for the mentally retarded. Key buttons – cursor and a tilde.

This is a game. As well as the Prince, as well as the Grand Prix. It is necessary to remember. She's not as good as before, there is no realism, fancy graphics and other balamutyaschie consciousness of things. But gather the half-drunken company of 10 people in the house and try to play it.

The gameplay is priceless. And this is the best spirit on the simulator of the Olympic games.

These games should be remembered.

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The Games: Winter Challenge

Action, Sports
Accolade, Inc.
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