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The Dam Busters

Accolade, Inc. released a DOS game named The Dam Busters in the year 1985. If you are interested in playing this Shooter online, then click here.

The Dam Busters description

Another old strategic simulation (the"aircraft wargame"), and one of the first games of this direction. Naturally, the action takes place in the skies over Germany during the Second world war, and we manage a giant bomber "Lancaster", which has on Board several guns to protect against possible attacks.

The only goal of the game missions – this is a bombardment of strategic objectives specified in the job (which is not so easy to do, for, and finding, and to manage (literally by hand) the bombing will have you, so you here both the pilot and the Navigator and gunner, and Bombardier), but it actively prevents the enemy aircraft, so the "attention" you will need it. The bulk of the game takes place from a first-person view (although it is a strategic map of the area), both from the cockpit and, if I may say so, from the blew the on-Board tools (ammunition which, by the way, is infinite, but this is an arcade game in any case does not). Interestingly, to join the campaign can be any phase.

About the schedule it has already been said – she is but it is extremely, extremely small, and in fact it is only on the screens of the cockpit and control devices, while enemies are depicted the maximum probation (which complicates the game). The thing is, this is in General very complicated, but however ancient Wargame with a capital letter, that is only for the true hardcore lovers of the ancient classics.

Enjoy playing The Dam Busters online, it can be played on your browser and is free.


The Dam Busters

Action, Simulation, Strategy/Tactics
Accolade, Inc.
Sydney Development Corp.