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The Ball Game

In 1991, a DOS game was released by Esprit Software Programs Ltd.. The game was called The Ball Game and belongs to Strategy/Tactics genre. Play it online by clicking here.

The Ball Game description

Isometric puzzle, which is, in fact, a little complicated version dear games The Spot and executed in different surroundings.

Task – to repaint my color using their figures as a large area consisting of cells, by moving (cells that moved a figure relating to the already occupied cells are painted in "our" color).

There are three types of moves – short (on the cell, and the cell where the figure was before it, remains under her own control), long (control of the cell is lost, but there is a chance to capture a much larger area) and teleportation over long distances. Short course ("step") allows you to create in the space where we went the the ball, who called the game on the previous cell, while the long-stroke ("jump") allows you to change the color of all the opponent's balls (if any) that somehow relate to the cells, which we went to their "own". Teleportation always occurs at a random point on the field (if busy all the time the game ends). For the creation of each ball are given bonuses, and activity of different cells are given different levels of bonuses (because the cells themselves there are different – most points are given for employment cells cream).

The ultimate goal is to try to collect as many bonuses and at the same time to displace from the field all the other players (i.e. should not be free cells), trying to plan your way so that we got as much cream cells. Keep in mind that a player with a large number of balls – not necessarily a potential winner.

Graphically, the game looks for the genre simply matchless: isometric perspective, well-drawn field, balls and even a neat little models of people-players. Supported multiplayer on one computer up to four people. Verdict – great, moderately challenging and very addictive puzzle vintage, closer to the higher rating and is able to deliver a lot of joy to fans of clever games.

Wish to enjoy your afternoon playing some classic videogames? Play The Ball Game online for free here.


The Ball Game

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