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Teenage mutant ninja turtles... Iconic characters of comics and cartoons, get now and to the world of electronic entertainment that you have heard about (at least) probably every. Products genetic mutations that walked on two legs, bearing the names of the artists of the Renaissance, eat tons of pizza every day, living in the sewers under the tutelage of a wise teacher Splinter – a man who became a mutant rat... And that's not all, but even this is impressive. Or rather, would fail to impress: now that we all already take for granted, but then... still think like that – must try.

Do turtles have a girlfriend – quite normal yourself (physically) a woman journalist April O'neil (the presence of a normal person in this world, sometimes it begins to seem strange). And there are enemies, the most important of which – an evil Japanese man in a spiky one helmet named the shredder, a former pupil of Splinter (in actual fact the first "in the world" was the name Oroku Saki, and the second Amato Yoshi, but such subtleties we will not go into). The Shredder has a boss – the evil brain from dimension X named Krang, who lives in the "belly" of a giant robot, and is subordinate to the bandits who have been mutants: Bebop and Rocksteady (human-rhinoceros and human-boar). Funny, naive, "children"? Possible. Nevertheless – already a classic.

The plot of this arcade game is not much different from regular comics or cartoon history – Bebop and Rocksteady on the order Shredder kidnapped April: shredder wants using the hostage to lure the hated turtles in their lair and kill. Of course, turtles can not leave their friend in trouble.

Gameplay is typical arcade with small patches of adventure. "On the matter" there is a whole team of turtles, but in the specific point in time, we can control only one person from the team (however, nothing prevents at any time to switch to someone else). The game has two modes: top view, in which we run through the streets and other open spaces, and side view (used in different premises – the buildings, the sewers and other things). To fight, by the way, have basically, in this "side-scrolling" mode.

Another interesting point – the game can't die (and there is no such thing as "life"). More precisely, you can't die your main characters, and it is impossible physically: if some of the turtles have been defeated, it being captured, then it can be released. The weapons of all the turtles different and, so to speak, "reliable" (as in the original): Leonardo katana at Raphael's SAI, Michelangelo – nunchaku from Donatello – Bo. In addition to the main, there are "secondary" weapons – for example, "stars"shurikens, which sometimes helps, but alas, his supply is limited.

The game looks very nice, although, of course, admittedly a huge predominance of "side" mode in terms of graphics: if the mode "top view" we have just "standard" (that is, alas, poor, and dull for the most part) on the chart "arcade adventure" of the late ' 80s, then in the "side-scroller" game beauty is coming to the comic or even the cartoon. Also not to mention a very exact adherence to the "letter" comics as primary sources: saved not only the "correct" weapons of the turtles, but also attributes such as, for example, the color of their masks (each of the characters it is different). All this gives the game more atmospheric, especially for fans of the world.

Verdict – another classic of the genre and just a great game which should not pass neither a lover of old arcade games.

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Source: Archive.org, Mobygames.com

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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