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Play Targhan online now. This game was released by Silmarils in 1989 and has fantastic Beat 'em up / brawler gameplay.

Targhan description

Old platformer, is a prequel game Asghan: The Dragon Slayer, for some strange reason missed by the majority of players even immediately after, not to mention the later ages. It remains only to guess how well-designed and attractive (at least to me seems to be) the world Britana not please gamers.

From this game you will learn the beginning of the story that you have (if you don't listen to anyone) to do in Asghan'e, and you play as the name implies, for Targhan'and future father Asghan'and and king Britana. But is still in the distant future, and while your hero – a young and strong warrior, stubbornly wading through the wild and dangerous lands inhabited by a variety of beasts and creatures, to the citadel of the Lord of the despot with the goal of killing the last one.

To describe the gameplay of this game is a thankless task. It is virtually no different from other old side-scrollers. Go ahead and sword, killing all sorts of (sometimes quite unusual) enemies - that's the whole point. To summarize the details of the plot would deprive you of the pleasure from his self-study (for the plot of the game is pretty important). Separately describe the schedule too long is not necessary – let me just say that in the VGA mode for the time she looks very beautiful and carefully drawn backgrounds are diverse and will change as the game progresses.

I note only one thing. My advice – do not attach much importance to just "tons" negative and unfounded opinions about this game: she doesn't deserve it. Of course, it is in any case not a hit or a masterpiece, it's just a nice side-scroller with a story that may brighten up leisure lovers of the "old fantasy excitement". And not only brighten, but also to please. But fans Asghan'and (Yes, I know that they are not, but still) to play at all is necessary – only after the game, you understand the the plot plot of the adventures of a Dragon Slayer.

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Source: Archive.org, Mobygames.com


Digital Integration Ltd., Silmarils
Side view
Beat 'em up / brawler