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Super Cauldron

Super Cauldron is a Action game released by Titus France SA in 1992. It is an interesting DOS game and a must play for all old videogame lovers.

Super Cauldron description

Ported to the Amiga computers hand-drawn platformer with elements of adventure, the sequel is released on PC novels Cauldron.

We played a young witch, must pass the four worlds, inhabited by different creatures. Among the creatures – goblins, trolls, snakes, bats and many others. The story may be true (and maybe even something to do with the previous parts), but to detect it is not so simple.

The point of the game – consecutive sweep of the screens. In the beginning the weapons are fairly weak, but then it can be improved. It is possible to collect and learn 12 different types of spells (for their application should open the spell Book and to choose the one that you want to apply, so that the fighting there was not even quite an arcade), you can also find a variety of useful artifacts, such as the magical stairs (but there are items in the game, they usually need it for something specific). It is impossible not to pay attention to the lake: normally water our heroine kills, but some reservoirs are steel.

The graphics are beautiful, "classic Amiga style" is called, but the levels seemed to be graphically quite monotonous. However, fans of "smart" platformers (and basically mind here, as already noted, have to use not to solve puzzles, namely for the fights) probably will like, moreover, the view is definitely worth it.

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Super Cauldron

Titus France SA
Titus France SA