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Want to play some nice classic game? Play Stunts, 1st-person perspective game, from the famous developer Distinctive Software, Inc., released in the year 1990, by clicking here.

Stunts description

Outwardly unremarkable race with a computer opponent if not for the ability to make such a dizzying stunts, which are sitting behind the monitor come. All of this is provided by a wide variety of path elements, as: the serpentine ring, a hinge, jumps, etc.. Combining !the editor runs! all of these elements, you can get your own unique track, which you can immediately "on the spot" to try to pass. The process of passing/tumbling you can record and view from different viewpoints.

If you never in real life experienced what it's like to be in the car on the highest point of the loop, but would like to experience this feeling, then this game is for you.

Have you ever wondered what kind of video games were played in the good old days? Try playing Stunts online now and we are sure you will not stop playing again.