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Star Rank Boxing 2

Star Rank Boxing 2, a top-notch Sports game was developed by Activision, Inc. in the year 1987. This was a very famous and in-demand DOS game. You can play it online here again.

Star Rank Boxing 2 description

The second part of the band's striving for realism of the simulation box (the first, unfortunately, the PC did not come out).

At first glance – before us the usual "Boxing" game with a side view, however, interesting features here. For example, before the start, you can decide which of the three weight categories will be your protagonist (heavy, middle or Welterweight). Before each fight you can choose to set the number of weeks during which it will be conducted the training to prepare for the fight, and the time to distribute them in various proportions for Jogging and training the sparring (that is, there is even a small management element, although any graphical display it properly here and there).

From the point of view of the management the game is really quite complex (including because of the weak animation movements), but games not so much because of what all ten rounds of the fight can be complicated and relatively boring. Graphics, even in tandy mode doesn't look very nice: and boxers, and the details of the situation is not very clearly drawn and look blurry. But overall, the game certainly deserves more positive rating because, despite the above shortcomings, the fights here are not always boring and can be quite entertaining.

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Star Rank Boxing 2

Activision, Inc.
Brian A. Rice, Inc.
Side view
Fighting, Managerial / Business Simulation