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Spirit of Adventure

Interested in playing Spirit of Adventure published by General Admission Software in the year 1991? You can play this 1st-person perspective game online by clicking on the link.

Spirit of Adventure description

Very curious on the story RPG, in which there is a kind of overlay problem kiberpankovye society in the medieval world.

Medieval Lunar city is rapidly spreading infection of the drug (!) called "obiter" that turns people into obedient slaves. You control a party consisting of six city residents, who on behalf of Queen city lady Rovenna need to find out who's behind this and stop him.

The game is in first person. Role-playing system is not as complex, standard characteristics (strength, intelligence, magic, figure, charm and so on) and pumped during the game, there are several classes (also unremarkable), but the feature of this game is that each class corresponds to their gender character (for example, a warrior can only be male, and the Amazon – only a woman).

It should also be noted that the puzzles in the game much more than fighting (and sometimes do think that the genre it is closer to adventure), and often it is for finding something you can get much more experience than killing a monster. The dialogues are also present, but unlikely to will appreciate diverse. But it will please opponents, among which will be not only people, but also, as already mentioned, monsters, and even witches (their role in the game lady, as if the witch to kill, you can get a very cool spell).

To say that the graphics here are good, means to say nothing. She is simply amazing: it is unlikely in some other role-playing game of the time was so accurate portrayal of characters. The game was released in 1991, and looks at least 1993: even the interior – and they performed great! In General, though it is not a masterpiece, of course, but definitely very, very good game: fascinating, unusual story, difficult to measure, but with extremely clear (especially given the genre) interface. If you want to effortlessly join the world of the old RPG, then the Spirit of Adventure is highly recommended to pay attention to.

Play your favorite childhood game Spirit of Adventure online in your browser for free here.

Source: Archive.org, Mobygames.com