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Play online, the famous Soviet, a Action game, published by Opera Soft S.A. in the year 1990.

Soviet description

Unique plot of "prophetic" Spanish arcade game, dedicated to the tragic events in our country in the early 90-ies. The game was released in 1990, a year before them, the duration of the game – just 1991. And though the future shown is not quite the way it turned out, the accuracy of the predictions of the authors of the game surprising.

So, in 1991, the Soviet Union is on the verge of collapse. In Lithuania and Azerbaijan breaks out, the armed uprising (the choice of these republics was probably connected with the then realities all must remember what happened in Baku in January 1990; the events of January 1991 in Vilnius, the authors game could not know, but guessed), the power captured by bandits, anarchists, beginning a senseless terror against the local population. Then the government decides to use a secret weapon – a super-tank, which, of course, you have. Cranberries? Technically Yes, although it is recognized that perhaps this game is almost the only Western seeking when you display the Union to avoid any cliches and to show at least a pseudo reality.

The gameplay is not quite traditional for the arcade: our main goal is the salvation of the civilian population, which anarchists want to destroy. The game has only two levels – Vilnius and Baku, each it is necessary to save a certain number of people. The enemies here just the sea – the game is difficult, furthermore, they constantly respawn, so kill all will never be possible. The game is top control is quite responsive (it should be recognized that the tank can not so little), graphically the game looks certainly above average.

Verdict – the rating will be even slightly higher than they should be, at least due to the fact that some rare old game allows us to play a Russian and while not showing their monsters. The game, as was said, Spanish is Spanish, but there are very few.

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Action, Strategy/Tactics
Opera Soft S.A.
Opera Soft S.A.
Arcade, Shooter