Solidarność Title screen with Lech Wałęsa
Title screen with Lech Wałęsa


California Dreams released a DOS game named Solidarność in the year 1991. If you are interested in playing this Managerial / Business Simulation online, then click here.

Solidarność description

Simple and interesting strategy for developers from Poland. The game describes the significant political events in this country, actually took place in the early 80-ies of the last century. You actually have to take on the role of main leader of the Polish trade Union "Solidarity" – Lech Walesa. Once, at the beginning of the 1990s, in Hollywood even decided to make a film about this remarkable Polish policy and strategy in Solidarnosc was to appear simultaneously with the movie. But with filming something did not work, but the game was published in 1991. Now a bit of history...

It is well known that in the countries of the Warsaw Pact, all was not so rosy in terms of the peaceful perception of citizens imposed values and ideals of building a socialist society. Was already in Budapest (1956) and was Prague (1968). Poland, unfortunately, also failed to avoid the bloody scenario. The discontent of the population of the Soviet influence is most strongly expressed by the workers uprising in Gdansk. It happened at the end of 1970 then, the speech was brutally suppressed by the forces ZOMO - Zmotoryzowane Odwody Milicji Obywatelskiej (Motorized support of civil police, her Soviet equivalent of the Specialized motorized units of the police, SMCM). A new wave of protest movements began in 1980, it was the first time was the trade Union "Solidarity". The second time he showed himself in 1982. Gradually, the protests in the society grew. Within the Union, there were already about 10 million people. It told the authorities about many things. In September of 1981 from the USSR was made the last warning to the Polish party leadership. The starting point of time in the game is not randomly selected 13 December 1981 – the date of beginning of maximum worsening and the entry on the territory of Poland of the martial law, which lasted almost two years.

In the main menu of the game you will have before you the map of Poland. The whole country is divided into seven regions - voivodships (who does not know this region in our opinion). On the right there are buttons that displays information about the state of Affairs in each of these provinces. Menu: "Actions" – which of the planned activities being implemented, "ZOMO" – how many of the special units of the police have in each of the provinces, "Prisoners" is the number of political prisoners held in prisons. In the beginning of the game, their most in Pomerania (Gdansk). Very interesting depicted on the maps of the regions the level of wages of workers (Real Wages) in the form of a set of products and basic necessities (consumer basket). No less interesting is the level of scarcity (Shortages) goods – in the form of long or short queues in shops. The remaining items reflect the balance of power (red and white flags), the number of supporters of Solidarity, the degree of "totalitarian pressure" and the level of protest in society.

The above is just the current information. But there are more means and methods of struggle. To do this, select any of the provinces on the map. You will see an enlarged image of the region with detailed information about the situation. Here the menu contains few items. One of such items is "Share", a classic and long-proven set of methods, which include strikes, spreading leaflets, putting up posters, demonstrations, and rallies. On a particular action, you send its activists. They come in three categories: beginner, veteran and professional. Promotions can be planned weeks in advance. The following paragraph – "Activity", here are displayed all your clandestine activities: financing, organization of strikes, printing promotional materials, information in the field of radio and television broadcast. Third paragraph – "Carriage of goods". From one region to another you can always forward the necessary equipment to their colleagues in the political struggle with the regime. And the last "Shopping", here you can cash to gain access to radio or television, purchasing a copier and duplicating equipment for printing promotional materials. The aim of the game is quite understandable that in every region on the map was dominated by only the flags are white with a red letter S.

Screen resolution of the game 320х200, only 16 colors, and that is enough for a strategy similar orientation. Despite the fact that the game is Polish, the interface is mainly written in English, in Polish the only place names – names of provinces. So there's a language problem, most likely, will not arise.

The game is certainly interesting and educational. Someone from the meticulous readers, with a lot of sharp geopolitical developments of the last decade will immediately see in such a game format features of the simulator on the organization of riots and coups. But, of course, it is not. First of all, it is a strategy based on real historical events. Of course, the game bears a propagandistic nature, as every nation has the right to convey his own view of the different periods of development of their society. In General, such a method should be viewed as a popularization of history, obluchennuyu available in the form of a game. After all, remember the main stages of development of their country owes every citizen, and who knows - perhaps such an interesting way of presenting educational material will be much more effective than a solid pointer simply "marivanna" unbearable and boring homework...

Enjoy playing Solidarność online, it can be played on your browser and is free.



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