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Shadow Knights

Shadow Knights was launched by Froggman in the year 1990 which was loved by all old and young. It’s an interesting DOS game and can be played online by clicking here.

Shadow Knights description

Naipusan, despite the name, was the once beautiful country. The once - a loose concept, and in this case it is stretched until the arrival of an evil shogun. The shogun was so evil that even his name was not saganski - Sashika. And considering that he came from the North (with capital letters), even a first grader can guess what nationality he was. So, in those parts of the pagodas and bamboo was a legend that will come from the East, Knight of Shadows and overthrow the Shogun's Death. If he has enough patience, of course.

Ninja our is endowed with several interesting skills. In addition to the eight lives, he has eight mana, replenish the hanging Golden balls. Mana is spent either on treatment (at the rate of one-to-one one life for one mana) or throwing stars (you can throw one, but you can and all at once, in different directions). Note that the contact arms from the ninja only a short sword, so that after each stroke you should jump back to the response of the opponent does not hurt your feelings. In most situations, the destruction of all opponents is not an option, and then come to the aid of legendary skill and savvy - enough to jump higher and you will be out of reach as opposite to the Bouncing dogs and archers, able to shoot extremely straight. There is also a wild spectacle - like dogs running on the roofs of pagodas.

Want to play Shadow Knights online now, play it on your browser here.


Shadow Knights

Froggman, Softdisk Publishing
id Software, Inc.
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Arcade, Platform