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Scooter’s Magic Castle

EA*Kids released a DOS game named Scooter's Magic Castle in the year 1993. If you are interested in playing this Mini-Games online, then click here.

Scooter’s Magic Castle description

Children's educational game, suitable for children aged 3 to 8 years. Plot: the pointy-eared boy Scooter walking in the forest, found a great place for sand castle and built it, then hand the owl brought him a magic wand with a star that the boy stuck in the roof of the castle; the sand castle turned into a huge stone, and the boy went to explore his locations.

The castle consists of three floors and many rooms, while filled with various interactive objects that can be clicked and various mini-games. The owl accompanies the boy through the castle, clicking on it allow you to go in the game menu options so that, for example, to choose the level of difficulty, or view a map of the castle. The movement is a few clicks on the edges of the screen after the cursor becomes an arrow; you can directly be in any room, if you click on it on the map that opens when you click on the owl.

The puzzles are very different: mnemonic (to collect the face of the elements, before seeing him), associative, spelling, music - recreation tunes, folding the whole picture from pieces, choosing the right sequences and so forth, including even a garden decoration and three secret chambers still to be found. The level of difficulty usually affects a number of different elements (pieces of the collection, sounds, ...) in a specific puzzle.

The action is presented in very bright and colorful graphics (of course, animation), there is no question, but a rich sound design. At the time, the game was considered almost one of the best for children - and this, despite the fact that for adults it is unlikely to represent some interest, it's hard not to agree.

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Scooter’s Magic Castle

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