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Rome: Pathway to Power

A DOS game was developed by Kixx XL and then released by Firstlight in 1992, the game was called Rome: Pathway to Power. Now you can relive the memories by playing it online here.

Rome: Pathway to Power description

Unfortunately, the topic of Ancient Rome in video games rarely left the abode of the strategic genre. But now before you is one of the few exceptions – this role-playing adventure game era of the beginning of flowering of the greatest Empire of antiquity.

14 years have passed since then, like Herculaneum, the hometown of your character, was destroyed by the eruption of Vesuvius along with Pompeii. The story is not so many reports about how the hero spent these 14 years, but in the 92nd year of our era he arrives in Town. That is, in Rome.

Initially, your character – no one and nothing, in the truest sense of the word. He has only what he is wearing. And only you, your wits, ingenuity and experience depends on what and who you will become your character. I must say: opportunities are not only plentiful, but very much, this will meet infrequently. You can become a military commander, a Senator, even by the Emperor himself, a slave... Although, of course, the storyline is, and the result is scheduled positive.

For six huge and absolutely not similar to one another of the heads you have to live your whole life in the capital of a great Empire. The game with stunning accuracy reproduces many aspects of Roman society (Gladiator fights, the markets of slaves, trips to the Spa, the purpose of which was much wider than just "wash") and many more. As with many RPGs, you have a decent sized inventory, but from conversations with a huge number of NPCs you can learn a lot of valuable. Moreover, different NPC – priests, soldiers, officials, and not all of them safe. And the detail of the gameplay is quite capable sometimes slightly shocking. Like you, for example, that you should clearly plan their actions in preparing the robbery (Yes, you can Rob), Patricia, which need a long time to observe him in order to learn his routine?..

And even a little strategy in the game will be, but to reveal this point should not...

Lightly touching the graphics, it should be noted that if the character models can now many seem miserable, to drawing backgrounds, I think, there can be no complaints – almost photographic accuracy. A nice isometric perspective and user-friendly interface enhance the very positive impression of this great game. It is almost the only "historical" RPGs, where there are practically no so-called "blunders" should therefore appeal to both lovers of history and old role-playing games.

Now, play Rome: Pathway to Power online for free on your browser and make your boring weekend fun and full of entertainment.


Rome: Pathway to Power

Adventure, Strategy/Tactics
Kixx XL, Maxis Software Inc., Millennium Interactive Ltd.