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Rocky’s Boots

In 1984 IBM released Rocky's Boots. The game was an instant hit among all and played for years. Play it again online now.

Rocky’s Boots description

Perhaps the first children's computer game for PC, released in 1982 for the Apple platform and two years later ported to the PC.

To play for a square, which moves together with the boot; apparently, this box should represent appearing in the game raccoon. Moving between the conventional "rooms" (screens), each of which is required to solve more or less similar, but progressively more complex puzzles. The General sense is to create a chain of elements from the foot to the handle control of the conveyor belt, which moved the figures of different colors and shapes, and thus to boot when you hit the resulting chain led to the ejection from the conveyor only specific objects. I must say that after a number of screens, the difficulty levels are clearly beyond "childish", so to recommend such a puzzle can be safely and adults players. At the same time directly in the game has an extensive tutorial about the typical jobs where all very lucidly explained.

Rocky's Boots was intended to teach children formal logic (in particular, it featured the concept of "and" and "or") and by the end of 1980-ies were very popular among teachers of American schools and well-deserved success with reviewers. The graphics in the PC port, let's say, really conditional, but any object on the screen can be easily seen and understood what it represented. And in the case of the correct solution to the puzzles will appear on the screen raccoon and happily dance, isn't it amazing? The verdict this time is not required - for in front of us alive and timeless classic of educational games.

Do you want to play Rocky’s Boots online, in your browser? Now you can. Click here to play Rocky’s Boots online.


Rocky’s Boots

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