Rock Man Title screen
Title screen

Rock Man

Do you get nostalgic when you hear the name “Rock Man”? Don’t be sad, you can now play Rock Man, released by Soleau Software, Inc. in 1994 again online here.

Rock Man description

A good arcade game, a puzzle that has nothing to do with the Rockman series of games.

You play as a proper Rock Man and have to go through 35 levels of caves with the goal to make it to the flag, collecting all the butterflies (!). So whether trivial task?..

The rocks in the caves are divided into three types: white (to move and get rid of them is impossible), green (can be punched with a pick to move not only sideways, but up and down (spit on the force of gravity)) and red (kill a player when touching). In the game there are bridges, disappearing after the transition of the player on the next block, and piles of small stones falling on him. Now about the character. During the game he can find "disposable" items: rope (in order to throw it and go up and down) and pick (pierces green stones). Both items you can use the keys P and R, respectively.

The gameplay itself is not particularly difficult, although to think have. The number of lives forever, levels can start again. If you get stuck on a level, pressing "?" will lead to a pre-recorded passage that you want to repeat (memory?).

The visual part looks rather poor even for the year - the number of flowers diminished in favor of the resolution. By the way, Rock Man, oddly enough, a side view and a clone of Boulder Dash is not. Sound also support limited to just the PC Speaker ohms.

In other words, make a good game that you can even recommend to people who are not picky about graphics.

Want to play Rock Man online now, play it on your browser here.


Rock Man

Soleau Software, Inc.
Soleau Software, Inc.
Side view