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Road Runner

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Another embodiment of the dream – play the Road Runner. If this name tells you nothing – it means that you have such dreams never existed, so then you can not read.

Road runner is a hero of the "cult" sub-cartoons "Looney tunes", is probably the most unusual and absurd character like the ostrich bird that is constantly in motion, and when running creates the sound of "mi-Mi". The Road Runner is hunting the famous cartoon character coyote Ralph, coming up with incredible from the point of view of imagination and development of thinking things to catch the Runner (to be eaten), but always in failure.

Your task in the game – constantly running, but be careful not to fall under the wheels of trucks, falling rocks and other troubles, including a huge number of traps, placed the Ralph (and he, too, will be yours to chase), and opportunities (these opportunities will be plenty) to make the coyote some sort of trick (throw a giant boulder at the head, for example). The coyote but Ralph is no worse than Jack Slater ("I shall not die until the grosses will not fall") or Juggernaut, who can only temporarily delay, but not stop. And that's good.

The most important aspect of the game – collect bonuses in the form of food. Food need to always be in the form; it has received less in time, Runner weakens and begins to run much slower, which makes it very vulnerable.

Not quite familiar what to run here we have from right to left and not Vice versa, as usually happens in these games. Graphics, to be honest, the average (even in EGA mode), but the claims can not be – it's a port from the Atari... In General is a dynamic, exciting, interesting, and most importantly – it will please many (I hope) of fans of the wonderful series of cartoons about Runners and Ralph.

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Road Runner

Action, Racing / Driving
Mindscape, Inc.
Atari Games Corporation