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Rise of the Dragon

In the year 1990, Sierra On-Line, Inc. developed a 1st-person perspective game by the name Rise of the Dragon. You can now play it online here.

Rise of the Dragon description

The first adventure game from Dynamix, before mostly worked in the simulator field.

New, unknown drug begins to seep in night clubs of Los Angeles. Unlike conventional drugs, MTZ causes in his adopted wild pain and mutation of the body, leading naturally to death. Perhaps this fact would have remained the property of the adepts of the night kind of life, but the daughter of the mayor, Chandra die from an overdose on the street. The mayor of Vincenzi wants to find and punish the guilty, but for political reasons could not make it public, so asks for help of detective William "Blade" hunter, who himself kicked out of office because of hazing practices.

Rise Of the Dragon largely adopted the spirit of the first of the pillars of cyberpunk literature, but also many came from the famous film Blade Runner 82-year. Los Angeles 2050-ies reminds Chiba-City of books Gibson: the streets are full of beggars and sick, flourishing criminal gangs and the black market, drugs are available everywhere, "the Age of Decay" is available.

Not to say that there prevails a detective or cyberpunk, since both of these currents are rather used as a means of presenting history, rather than as a full-fledged element of gameplay. Searching for clues and questioning suspects only part of the game, unlike the Police Quest series, the Tex Murphy or the more specific titles.

A large part of the graphics in the game is the scanned drawings in the style of "graphic novel", so it looks much better then most quests. In the box with the original edition even was a separate booklet with a comic book that tells part of the story ties. Each scene somehow animated and do not create the impression of static pictures.

Approval Dynamix, they tried to make a quest where the player would not have to fight the interface to get pleasure from the game. RotD appears to us in the first person with a simplistic point'n'click control, where the cursor itself takes the desired shape when hovering on the object.

Unlike many then and current adventure, "Dragon's rise" is not as straightforward as it seems at first glance. The game is divided into days, but this division does not force the player to perform any action within a certain period of time, and to plot developments, they are by themselves. Communication with the characters looks in the form of selecting one of the replicas, and many actions will have consequences in the future. For example, one was rude brash bartender, again to speak it will fail.

On the one hand, many innovative and unique moments as they are presented... Rise Of the Dragon - again, one of the few adventure game, which will force the player to recall the familiar for shooters, RPGs and strategies save a bundle-load. One wrong action, wrong answer, and if not death, then jam provided, especially closer to the climax.

Do you want to relive your memories and play Rise of the Dragon online in your browser? Play it now for free.

Source: Archive.org, Mobygames.com

Rise of the Dragon

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