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Rings of Zilfin

Rings of Zilfin from 1987 is a Side view perspective game released by Strategic Simulations, Inc.. If you want to play this game, click here.

Rings of Zilfin description

Little-known RPG, very simple, but, unlike other "simple" games in this genre, focused still not on children.

The action takes place in a fantasy world ruled wise good magicians Zilfin'AMI, establish a just order, under the rule which the earth thrives. These venerable old men for some reason created two Rings of Power which can give its owner absolute power (assuming that he would have both rings). The applicant immediately found – the evil wizard Lord Drakos (Lord Dragos) who stole one of the rings. Your hero – a boy named Reis, whose task is to find the second ring before the servants of the villain.

Character creation in the game is actually not at all – we can only enter his name (if we don't like the default name) and choose the level of difficulty. No characteristics originally either, they will appear (in very small amounts) then and can be pumped.

The game world is quite large even for RPGs of the time – there are hundreds of towns and villages. However, the size of settlements disappoint: each of them only a few functional buildings that you can visit. The building presented stores where you can buy and sell different things, and taverns where you can relax, sleep, eat and drink. Also in every village there is a NPC with whom you can have something to talk about. Many of them can for the money (or even nothing) to report any valuable information, but to believe every not – some can cheat. Is the game and the so-called "dungeon" - usually outside the territory of residence of the people of the fortress and the caves full of monsters. View in the cities formally in the first person, but when you step into the building – the "third side" (there is a separate mini-screen that shows what's going on in the building).

Most interestingly, perhaps, it organized traveling between locations. When you leave one of them on the screen displays the mode of a global map that shows where you can go from the point your location (the way elections are always a few). Choosing one of them, the game goes in a rather amusing side (why are funny – see end of review) where you can adjust the movement speed of your character. The faster you go, the faster we get tired (when a character is tired, he needs to rest).

Also on the way (it's all about the same travel mode) you will encounter groves of fruit trees and ponds, that will have to use, because, as already mentioned, the game world is very large, and therefore transitions are always long, and to stock up on food for the whole path is not, so I have to eat and drink what we find. But be careful – both the fruit and the water may be poisoned! Often, by the way, sometimes poisoned water, but fruit – they can be very useful! The game has a whole system of characteristics we find the fruits, many of which have medicinal or magical (but also positive) characteristics (for example, increase your movement speed). Separate 'views' of this waypoint foods are mushrooms which, apparently, generally are not poisonous, but a great improve their health if something. Unlike water, which must be drunk immediately, fruits and the like can gather and eat later.

All the same mode of travel and the inevitable meeting with the enemy – the servants of the Drakos. Their is three types: Barvils's (giant bats), Basurs's (flying skulls) and Zumagin's (demons who shoot some rays, they are the most dangerous). Battles occur in real time and is rather primitive, but sometimes difficult. A character may wear armor, which for some time will defend him, the two weapons – a sword and a bow and arrows, and flying creatures you can fight only by means of a bow, of course. There is also the possibility to use against enemies with magical spells.

The magic system is pretty simple. There are three levels of magical skill: Novice, Master and Grandmaster, the higher the level the stronger the spells. After each, you need a little rest, before each use, you must first prepare the spell, it also takes time.

As already mentioned, the game is money – it is clear that you can get, and by finding, but a lot will have to somehow buy it. Start-up capital you have is very small, so the money will have to earn, the easiest way is to buy in one city goods for a small price and resell in another for a much higher. The controls are quite intuitive (there are no shortcuts, every action has its own key). The game has the ability to survive when any settlement.

But graphically the game looks, shall we say, not entirely familiar. To call this bad graphics it would be wrong, but it is necessary to warn it's more than conventional (the port with the Apple II, after all). Low colors, more than sketchy silhouettes of the characters and the environment. However, for a true once it started working – the most it.

Now, play Rings of Zilfin online for free on your browser and make your boring weekend fun and full of entertainment.

Source: Archive.org, Mobygames.com

Rings of Zilfin

Role-Playing (RPG)
Strategic Simulations, Inc.
Strategic Simulations, Inc.
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