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Rags to Riches: The Financial Market Simulation

Rags to Riches: The Financial Market Simulation, a 1st-person perspective game was developed by Interplay Entertainment Corp. in the year 1993. The Managerial / Business Simulation is so rewarding that you will thank us later. Play it online now.

Rags to Riches: The Financial Market Simulation description

Formal – strategy-Manager, but in some degree – and simulator career in the stock market, albeit a simplified and fun.

In this game you play as a young graduate of the economic faculty of the College, which the parents left not the smallest amount of money not in order, however, to live the rest of his life comfortably, so the hero is forced to work at most jobs as a financial clerk in the office. But this is only the beginning: after all, due to certain knowledge, a small start-up capital and of course to your wise leadership, he is playing on the stock exchange, can earn much more money and become a billionaire and buy yourself anything you want (from items of luxury to their business), but it may be poor - here is how it goes.

As mentioned above, any serious economic simulation game can not be named – it is designed primarily for entertainment, even requires, of course, sometimes a fair amount of mental stress. That this is not a simulator of the market, says the abundance of in-game luxury for its time, graphics that were almost never met in these games in those years, and about as interesting options like the ability in critical situations to call my mom and ask her for some money...

Graphics, by the way, here are really great – gorgeous hand-drawn images depicting different scenes from the life of the hero (it is strange that the game came out only under DOS). The verdict has already been implicitly been imposed: the game interesting, sometimes quite complex and wonderful in their own way and exciting, but as a computer game and not a serious simulator.

Do you want to relive your memories and play Rags to Riches: The Financial Market Simulation online in your browser? Play it now for free.

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Rags to Riches: The Financial Market Simulation

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