Quarterpole Title screen
Title screen


Click here, to play the famous game Quarterpole developed by MicroLeague Interactive Software in the year 1993 and enjoy! Remember do not get nostalgic!

Quarterpole description

Sports strategy Board game of the same name. Dedicated to racing on horseback. However, you will naturally act it is not the role of a jockey (or it would be a sports simulator), and in the role of Manager "the stables", and the process of the race as such can not influence.

However, all other processes are under your full control. The game is available to select more than one thousand horses and one hundred and twenty-five jockeys and they all somewhat differ from each other. Every horse you can buy (immediately or at auction), each jockey to hire (after carefully examining their past achievements), and then organize their training (which we should develop not only speed), and then already to produce on the racetrack, but again- only you decide in what races he will participate or that horse, how much money you put on it and so on (by the way – rate as the process the game shows a very detailed). If your horse fails to win or at least to take a prize – then you increase your capital and have potential for further development, as well as more "favorable" starting places in future races.

It should be noted that the game is full of lots of detail: there are different tracks (five pieces) with different tracks, different weather conditions in a particular day (the jumps last three hundred eleven days a year), which could significantly affect the outcome of the race, and so on. And despite the fact that driving a horse during the race not every race is beautifully animated scene where a man passed very nicely.

The game, by the way, in General is just gorgeous hand-drawn graphics, whatever element of its gameplay nor spoken – beautifully drawn and your office, and a yard for exercise, and even a variety of business papers with which you have to deal with. There is also the possibility of replays of the race where you can slow down the display and scale the image. In short, for its time, this is by far the best strategy on the "racers" theme (although, of course, on the fan).

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Source: Archive.org, Mobygames.com