Quadrax The story begins.
The story begins.


Riki Computer Games released a DOS game named Quadrax in the year 1996. If you are interested in playing this Platform online, then click here.

Quadrax description

The countries of Eastern Europe in the late 1980s and even early 1990s was, as well as our country, cut off from the capitalist world "iron curtain". Computers and everything that belonged to them, were banned for importation. But Hungary and Czechoslovakia still had some advantage over other socialist countries, as were the main centers of information and computing resources (as in the Warsaw Pact they were strategic manufacturers of military electronics and computers, so familiarity with computers there was an important part of education from early school). And the door to the heart of Europe played a role, as the illegal importation of computers and floppy disks flourished, despite all the tricks of the authorities. So, for example, floppy disks were removed floppy disks and had to be sent back from the packet in one envelope, and received had to insert them into your floppy body. The quality of the disks then was very good and manipulate them, especially not harmed. It was possible to buy the game, but not in the store and at the flea market...

In such circumstances, and to play games was difficult, to say nothing about the development... And, nevertheless, on personal computers, which somehow seeped into these countries, usually they were the same Spectrum, sometimes Atari, the Commodore or Amiga, at least PC - to create unique game. Slovak company Cauldron, subsequently, a major developer, author of such famous games like Spellcross, Knights of the Empire II, Civil War, Soldier of Fortune: Payback, and others, in 1994, made a toy for the spectrum called Quadrax. The game was successful, and two years later was was re-released PC version (with new levels - they became two times more).

Quadrax is a platform puzzle even more exclusively a puzzle game, because, unlike, for example, Benefactor'Amiga and arcade here and does not smell: to run and especially jump our characters do not know. On the contrary, the game is very slow - despite the fact that the screen resolution is only 360 by 240, and the whole level fits on one screen, will have a very long walk to get to the exit. Judge for yourself - first, to the exit is necessary to bring not one, but two characters, and secondly, along the way, they will have to overcome many chasms, covering them with stone blocks, other obstacles need to climb, still others to remove... Since all of this takes a lot of time, my advice to you: before moving, think about every movement - there will be no need to replay. However, the levels are made very cunningly, of the dangers that could be from an unexpected side. Each of them is a very interesting puzzle, and to solve them sometimes is not easy. If the first 20 levels are preparatory, where an acquaintance with different types of blocks, elevators, platforms, and levers, then has become really difficult.

Every 12 levels shows a picture, telling of the adventures of two friends-Mike and archaeologists Alex, which we manage. Going in search of their missing friends, they reached the unprecedented sizes of an ancient building, passing up as far as sight, but despite the fear of the unknown dangers waiting them inside, they entered the open gate. Floor by floor they climb up in search of ancient artifacts and their missing friends, and their perseverance will overcome all difficulties! The level design is done very carefully and with taste, I want again to compare it with Benefactor'om - as well as out drawn every pixel all the objects are very small, a few pixels, for example, the main characters are only about 10 by 4 pixels, but so beautifully animated that it is impossible not to believe that they are alive! When you accidentally drop them on the block or one of them falls into the abyss, they are really pathetic. And yet, unlike Benefactor'and the graphics are more strict and rectangular - it is very important, how high was the cliff and how many blocks should be put to be able to climb the wall. Each element of the layer performs a well defined function, but sometimes you can pass the level and in several ways.

The music in the game tracker is simple and pleasant, not distracting from solving puzzles. By the way, despite the fact that the game is the DOS version, which was released for free, the authors were able to make it so that the game worked under Windows XP without any problems, even with music!

Quadrax is the game rare, but I'm sure will find new fans even many years after the release of such high-quality games-puzzle - rare. And 100 levels in the game long enough!

Play your all-time favorite Quadrax free on your browser here.

Source: Archive.org, Mobygames.com


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