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Project Neptune

Project Neptune, a top-notch Action game was developed by BUG Multisystem Ltd. in the year 1989. This was a very famous and in-demand DOS game. You can play it online here again.

Project Neptune description

A fun action-strategy on (apparently) some comic book series or cartoon, largely remaining a mystery to me.

We play for the superspy Robert Steele, the purpose of which is to destroy underwater mines villain named Yellow Shadow (Yes, that's his name). I think the latter has already makes it clear that the game will proceed in a Comedy vein.

Implementation of the game unusual. As the mines underwater, and the action takes place under water. That will have to Touch to swim to a small, but very strong, fast and reliable submarine and destroy enemy targets. On the other hand, his "parent" organization in the ocean, too base, and they need to be protected from the forces of Shadow. All this may well help the strategic map of the game – it shows all these objects and the movement of the enemy.

The graphics are very good, something similar to the comics, the palette is very bright and varied. Types and modes too much: there are first and third person, and even from the side, if you happen to be so courageous that will put on a suit and leave the relatively safe submarine...

The game will appeal to all lovers of "good old" (because once it combines several genres), but, in my opinion, has one very serious drawback: there is no clarification what and what you need to do so to understand what is happening on the screen sometimes very, very hard.

Enjoy playing Project Neptune online, it can be played on your browser and is free.


Project Neptune

Action, Strategy/Tactics
BUG Multisystem Ltd., Epyx, Inc.
Infogrames Europe SA