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Want to play some nice classic game? Play Professional Tennis Simulator, Bird's-eye view perspective game, from the famous developer Alucine Soft, released in the year 1990, by clicking here.

Professional Tennis Simulator description

Another rarity – Spanish tennis simulator, it is very thoughtful and something unusual.

A choice of seven world tournaments (not all of them will be available immediately), eleven big-name rivals (all of them – a real famous tennis players of the time) and three landscape type of court (clay, grass, synthetic surface); moreover it is possible to choose a racket and even sneakers. However, the most interesting point is the system of training: practice match can be played with another person, a computer player or with a computer-controlled machine that will throw balls (almost the only game in which this happens).

The gameplay is very realistic – the game can rightfully be called a simulator: before each stroke is determined by its strength, direction, distance and even the specific type. Graphically, the game looks somewhat "dark", but that even adds to the atmospherics, because the portrayal of the players, courts and even the spectator stands here. This thing is by far a rarity, therefore, is of exceptional interest to all fans of computer tennis.

PS: in Spite of Spanish origin, the game is supported in English.

Want to play Professional Tennis Simulator online now, play it on your browser here.


Professional Tennis Simulator

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