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Populous II: Trials of the Olympian Gods

The famous developer Electronic Arts, Inc. developed a Strategy/Tactics game called Populous II: Trials of the Olympian Gods in 1993. You can play this Bird's-eye view perspective game online now.

Populous II: Trials of the Olympian Gods description

"Hard to be God"
A. and B. Strugatsky

Legendary continuation of the first part own (bent). Classics from the classics of the strategy genre, at the time, caught up in popularity to such a masterpiece as immortal Civilization.

Since the invention of computer games one of the main purposes is to "crush the enemy". Populous developing this wonderful and versatile idea...

The player will take on the demanding role of a provincial God. God has to control a tribe of uncouth people, nurturing dreams in the distant future to become a state. Do not think that the game is economic strategy, God forbid! On the contrary, the economy here is not as a class. But the newly minted God would immediately see in the immediate vicinity (or in the blue distance) another tribe of Neanderthals that... also wants to become a state! Well, no, you think, what audacity! This can not happen! And riding true the storm clouds God sent to sow confusion and to repair the violence of the unfortunate test subjects barbarians.

Violence to fix in two ways: physical and magical. Physical is the blessing on a crusade of some amount of military ensigns. Warrant officers are divided into infantry, knights and the other cannon fodder (guns in the game, by the way, no). The method is effective, but hopelessly losing the magic. We are not talking about fireballs, lightning and other trinkets, and most of these natural disasters, the range of which varies from drowning and burning of the hated foreigners, floods and fires, respectively, to zavalivanija Kamenyuki and Unesennye wind. Have climbed the RPG element of the victory God will gain experience, which distributes the increase in knowledge of the four elements caused disasters, a call which, incidentally, consumed a substance called mana. God overlooked the first level is not even capable of a sensible shower, and Boise hundredth affectionately Supetarska in boiling lava. In total there are about 30 "the accident", which is enough for the device from overseas enemies in the country mA-and-scarlet local armagedonchik.

But not all cat Shrovetide is enough to throw lightning and the people (Populous - eng. "people") think. And the people to live without their object of worship may not - who, then, forest-taiga uprooted, hills, mountains sroyut, pits-ditches will be covered and the chamber to raise? And it is hard. If at the beginning of the game our savages are huts made of sticks and twigs, then closer to the end of the crazed benefits of civilization require five star burgers horobin with separate bathroom and so close to the subway, the first or second floor does not offer! Joke (who really wants the subway and bathroom, he moved for permanent residence in SimCity).

But seriously, the game is really very good. To be God is really quite difficult (especially if right in the middle of the state with special things like "papal magnet" - is a huge pile populous'and begins the massacre's natural) and very interesting.

It is recommended to play someone who wants to evaluate the present strategy of the early 90s, those who were tired of domination in this genre of clones of the game to the letter "C&C" ... everyone recommended.

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Source: Archive.org, Mobygames.com

Populous II: Trials of the Olympian Gods

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