Pilgrim Quest Title Screen
Title Screen

Pilgrim Quest

A Action game, Pilgrim Quest was released in 1991 by the famous developed Decision Development Corp.. It is a DOS game and is perfect for all video game lovers.

Pilgrim Quest description

A wonderful multi-genre game that combines elements of strategy, arcade and quest.

The action takes place in the early XVII century, you are the head of one of the first groups of people who have chosen already long open, but is completely undeveloped and inhabited by white North America (will sail on the "Mayflower"!). It depends on you whether your people to reach the New world and survive there.

The game is very detailed: beginning with a sea voyage (which will also have to prepare thoroughly – right down to purchasing the right amount of food; also, the journey is an important initial part of the game in the way it can happen a lot of bad – storm, disease, mutiny of the ship), she after some time becomes large enough (though the scale here is not very large) predominantly an economic strategy, in which we will have to choose a place for settlement Foundation, to build buildings, to think how to develop our colony, to enter into any relations with the Indians (at first, it is always peaceful, however, the Indians are hostile).

The main part of the game is still strategic, but there is a lot of arcade mini-games when you manage any settler directly (with a side view like in the classic arcade game). Will have to hunt, to fish, to dive to the sunken Spanish ship in search of treasure, to chop wood, to white-water rafting on a log in search of something, to set traps for animals with valuable fur... the Real life of the colony of the pilgrims, in a word.

The graphics are very beautiful when we show or one of the many cards, either – some of the plot box (arrival, start of construction of the building, the conversation with the Indians, and so on), because in all panels we see digitized photos of living people. In arcade mode mini-games, unfortunately, it looks more than average. The verdict – a game with a clear focus on children, but fascinating, multifaceted, and historically accurate, therefore and for adult players it may be of some interest.

Do you want to relive your memories and play Pilgrim Quest online in your browser? Play it now for free.

Source: Archive.org, Mobygames.com