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Nova 9: The Return of Gir Draxon

Nova 9: The Return of Gir Draxon, a DOS game was released by the very talented group Dynamix, Inc. in 1991. Little did they know that they will end up making history. Play this game again here.

Nova 9: The Return of Gir Draxon description

This story sequel to the game Stellar 7 (1988), which, in turn, is a remake of the same game – Stellar 7, released in 1983. The player will again have to sit in the cockpit of a futuristic top-secret tank, from which depends the future of humanity.

The game Stellar 7 (1988) had to defeat the army of the Empire of the Arcturians, who have purposed to enslave the Solar system. Using a tank "Raven", the player then managed to free the Land, and in addition – and the neighboring parts of the Galaxy from the invaders evil Emperor Gere Dracona, subsequently getting to his flagship. But, as expected, the laws of the genre this is the main villain escapes retribution. Continuation of game series – Nova 9: The Return of Gir Draxon - starts with the moment when the escape pod Dexona makes a hard landing on a small desert planet, inhabited by cute creatures and located in the Nova 9 system. From the wreckage climbed a wounded villain, was instantly killed a few locals and then headed to the sacred temple...

You will play the role of captain John Alex. The morning did not foretell anything unusual. But suddenly the artificial intelligence with a pleasant female face on white screen and with at least a pleasant female named S. A. R. A. H said that he had received a strange message c 9 Nova. First, there's funny-eyed inhabitants urgently asked for help, but just a few minutes again contacted and told about the cancellation of the alarm and that all was fine. It seemed very strange - and you're going to the hangar, where you will find new and so top-secret tank "Raven II"...

Gameplay unlike the previous game Stellar 7, a little changed and has become more difficult. Now you will have a long carry stock additional themes temporarily increase the combat performance of the tank. These themes, selected in the form of bonuses, poured from the wrecked enemy vehicles, can be activated immediately and will give your tank a combination of various superpowers. About military equipment not yet installed of the enemy (of course, this new army Draxon) first will know nothing, because the game does not provide for the availability of the encyclopedia. At least in the beginning of the passage she certainly does not appear. In battle, there are light combat vehicles, flying tools, and can "get" and become a giant steel colossus with blades in front, like in the film series "Mad Max".

Of weapons at the beginning you available shells (key 1) and mines (key 2). During the battle, S. A. R. A. H will always help you with their tips, if you encounter something new or unusual. The interior cabin of the tank changed. In the upper part of the screen displays the type of active weapons. Bottom center – display with radar, where the dots of different colors shown stones, enemy machine gunfire. Right below are the indicators of the condition of the engine (ENG), health (LIFE) and power shield (SHLD). Even lower – the-counter points for destroyed enemy vehicles. Multi-level damage model here is very interesting. First, getting gradually knock out the force shield, after it starts to suffer engine and the tank gradually loses speed, and then decreases rapidly your precious health. Special combat options for one to disappear if there is serious damage to the tank. In the case of the death of your character, similar to the previous game, splash screen appears with a satisfied villain Taxonom who confidently speaks the words that now the Earth will be completely enslaved. So you have an enormous responsibility...

Colorful graphics pleasing to the eye – a palette of 256 colors functions:alien landscapes are just gorgeous. Some of the polygons visible attempts to simulate shading. Although for those who while not technically had the opportunity to behold such beauty, developers have proposed more modest 16-color palette for EGA modes. To output the sounds in the game already used a conventional sound system (SB or Roland) or the good old PC speaker. The menu is in several areas of the military base, which the plot safely hidden somewhere in the asteroid belt.

Definitely an interesting arcade game with elements of simulation - and not a little addictive. Gameplay, of course, is a little tricky – you need to have a certain perseverance to pass level after level. It is good that the developers have slightly changed the General concept in the game mechanics, which was founded in 1983. Well, we are in turn happy to introduce you to this pleasant product of the gaming industry from the "past age"...

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Nova 9: The Return of Gir Draxon

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