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Mundial de Futbol

In 1990 Opera Soft S.A. released Mundial de Futbol, a very interesting Sports game. Play it online by clicking here.

Mundial de Futbol description

Spanish football simulator dedicated to the 1990 world Cup in Italy. Naturally, this is not an "official" championship game, but so-called "Spanish version".

A choice of four game modes: demo (all matches played for you computer, and you just watch; it's interesting that all matches are played in the sequence and those teams actually were in the championship, that is, you get like a computer version of a "world Cup", is a unique case in a computer game!), training (the game is played on a grassy lawn, which play slightly heavier), "predicament" - qualification and the actual tournament where a choice of twenty-four teams, and what – depends on how you played (if played) predicament (that is, it may well be that in the championship will be held at all those teams that passed in reality!); also have the opportunity to play together on one computer.

The field is the referee, but its role is not too large. The field is quite large, we see at a particular point in time is not such a big part of it, but the scrolling in the game can not be called as beautiful as Emilio Butragueno Futbol. The game is almost completely from above, the graphics, unfortunately, beautiful can not call the portrayal of the players and the environment, though in colors, but very conditional. Of course, as in all Spanish games, management is accustomed to English – "no sugar", although if you get used to it, it becomes clear that actually it is quite simple and close to the arcade, especially when you consider "powerful" ball control player and the lack of a large number of types of attacks.

In General, good football game, but in any case not hit; it is recommended particularly for the most avid fans of computer football who are interested in all games of this subgenre.

Now, play Mundial de Futbol online for free on your browser and make your boring weekend fun and full of entertainment.


Mundial de Futbol

Opera Soft S.A.
Opera Soft S.A.
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