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Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge

Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge, a DOS game was released by the very talented group Lucasfilm Games LLC in 1991. Little did they know that they will end up making history. Play this game again here.

Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge description

Meet – masterpiece, part two! I know that sounds like a curse. In our time, has not surprised, having found under the wrapper with the number two awkwardly glued, sweet crafts designed to earn a little money on the promoted brand. However, in this particular case it is not trash and not even the third leg of a masterpiece, namely "the Masterpiece, part two"!

The story of the first part of Monkey Island came to a logical end: the evil pirate Ghost defeated, the lovely Elaine saved, klutz Guybrush threepwood recognized as a real pirate. Over the horizon rises slowly pink swirly inscription "And they lived...". Yeah, as if! The second part deftly captures the narrative and the creepy giggle hiding in the thicket of the island of Scab (Scabb Island). The dead captain LeChuck had not yet spoken, the otherworldly storm of seas eager to return to the world of the living with a vengeance! Fear, Threepwood!

He trembles as well... our main character, is the speck in the eye and anchor in, uh, the hip of the pirate Ghost, with outrageous nonchalance continues to embarrass the ranks of the pirates. He had grown a beard liquid, got a lot of money with a beautiful blue coat in the bargain, and now sulkily on the importance, for the hundredth time tormenting the ears of friends with a story about how he with his bare hands ripped captain LeChuck beard. It would seem, what more do you want? But Guybrush is sure that without real treasure a pirate – not a pirate. And the simple treasure of trinkets it does not suit, no: killer of ghosts swung neither more nor less than the legendary "Big whoop" (Big noise), looking for who had already lost a lot of famous pirates. Guybrush is determined to find the famous treasure! Stop on the island of Scab – just an unfortunate misunderstanding: now he zapoteet ship, and it has nothing to hold up! Except at the little man on the bridge...

Here and start Gabruseva, and hence our misadventures. I'll tell you what is available to us locations will be few, but they are so full of humor, challenging puzzles and unusual plot twists that the short game seems only the most strong gamers.

A few words about the mechanics of the game: in General, all that can be said about the first part, applicable to the second. The high density of humor for a unit of time? There! Banter over a player? There! Excellent music? There! Integrity and fascination of the story? There! Murderous absurdity of the situations and solutions of problems? And how! The entertainment program includes the Guybrush dressing up in ladies dress, competitions on spitting in length, the theft of Pets with room thereof my inventory – and that's not the weirdest acts! Dying in the game is traditionally impossible, or rather... in two places is possible, if you really try, but the narrative is constructed so that the death of this becoming another witty joke. "- And then what?" "What-what! Killed me, that's what!" The latter, incidentally, is the principled position of the creators of the game. Tim Shafer, the developer of Monkey Island, admitted that it is very irritating to the permanent death of the hero in quests Sierra. "You die whenever making a mistake. But the screenwriter is the easiest way to kill the main character".

New the second part presents the measure: first, the graphics are much improved. The location of the characters in the first part was high quality, but LeChuck's Revenge makes fade even its predecessor. In addition, the game has lost the inserts with the "realistic" portraits of the characters, and finally stopped on the "cartoon" design. In my opinion, is a plus, attempts at cinematic (especially in 16 colors) is not particularly in harmony with the General atmosphere of the game. Second, the interface became much more convenient: from the list of teams disappeared cumbersome atavism like "turn on – turn off", and the interaction with many objects has been reduced to a single click of the mouse. The inventory has also become clearer - instead of a dry list of items we are now seeing their pictures. Third, Monkey Island 2 boasts a lightweight level of "Lite", that quests will agree, a rarity. In this mode, cut the most intricate puzzles. A great compromise for those who are serious quest leisurely pace or just don't have time for games. A matter of taste... for me - as a sacrifice to the simplicity brought too many good jokes. And fourthly - this game was first tested iMuse system, which sinhroniziruete the music with events on the screen and ensures smooth transition from one theme to another. It would seem that nonsense, but Lucas broom does not bind: the music here - a really important part of the atmosphere.
So little has changed compared to the first part (and that's a compliment!), however, it is worth emphasizing that the game does not require familiarity with the source. The author of this review was "Revenge of LeChuck" earlier than "the Secret of monkey Island", and still had a lot of fun.

Summary. Something worth mentioning - and worth repeating. Monkey Island 2 is a masterpiece. Many even consider it the best game in the series. This is a great example of embodiment of the principle of "same and thicker!" plus a few nice innovations. In fact, the firm LucasArts the second time he took the same bar, but made it cleaner and with a little acrobatic pirouette at the highest point. Ten points, less can not deliver. The only drawback, inherited the Island of Monkeys from the parent, – high language barrier. To fully appreciate the talent of the writers, you will need a knowledge of English at Upper Intermediate level, or a good dictionary and indomitable perseverance. But even this disadvantage is subjective. The author, as a practicing translator, seriously recommends this product as an aid for learners of spoken English. It is difficult to think of a better incentive to study than high-quality game and quality humor.

Enjoy playing Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge online, it can be played on your browser and is free.


Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge

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