MicroLeague Baseball 4 Title screen
Title screen

MicroLeague Baseball 4

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MicroLeague Baseball 4 description

A very good simulation of baseball, which unfortunately, being the fourth part in the series, did not bring anything fundamentally new, just improved what was in the previous parts. However, playing it is still interesting and fun (unless you understand the rules of baseball).

You can still choose any of the commands of the Higher League and to lead to the League title, the gameplay is still not particularly challenging, but with management elements. There is a very powerful editor to create your own teams, leagues, players and so on, in the very same game as you like to shuffle the teams, coaches, seasons, etc.

Plus the game is radically improved graphics (isometric view so that the players depicted are not very large, but everyone casts a shadow!), there digitized video and even the ability to play online. It is possible that from a purely technical point of view is the best baseball simulator of its time.

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Source: Archive.org, Mobygames.com