Memory Hog Hunter Title screen
Title screen

Memory Hog Hunter

A very interesting DOS game was released by Jim Bodio in the year 1988. The game was called Memory Hog Hunter. You can now play it online.

Memory Hog Hunter description

This clone of Pac-Man ' is the focus of the advertising and its goal is to promote production, no less, some Intel, which by that time was already a mega-Corporation. Dedicated to the game Board memory expansion Intel Above Board, which arrived on the market shortly after the appearance of the legendary phrase that 640 kilobytes of memory is enough for all, attributed to the head of Microsoft.

The main character is the mascot of the device green chip RAM in a hat and a butterfly net. To oppose him have pink pigs, which replace the ghosts from the original Pac-Man and the only difference is that it is not so much hunt for the protagonist, how much consume memory chips, which are analogs of the long-familiar points. At the corners of the map bonus scatter chips with the letter S, choosing one of which our character gains a temporary ability to destroy the pigs. For the simple collection of chips give bonus points and images of the software in those years. Once all four of the bonus will be selected, will start the next level.

As another clone of well-known Memory Hog Hunter is not very interesting – it is not unusual than it would be possible to hook the player. But as a promotional game of one of the giants of the computer industry it deserves attention and has undeniable historical value.

Want to play Memory Hog Hunter online now, play it on your browser here.


Memory Hog Hunter

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