Masterblazer cover
Masterblazer game front cover


Masterblazer from 1991 is a 1st-person perspective game released by Infernal Byte Systems. If you want to play this game, click here.

Masterblazer description

A futuristic sports game, "the forerunner of" Battlesport and the like.

The playing field is a large rectangular arena divided into square sectors. You must be driving weird discretuum tool called Rotofoils, to throw a ball called a Plasmorb in a particular sector of the arena, not allowing to do the only opponent the same. The time for each round is three minutes.

You can play against a computer opponent or together with one computer. Masterblazer is a remake of the older games, Ballblazer, in addition to improved graphics and dynamics includes new features: for example, the championship mode or mini-game – racing rotofoil'Ah.

The game is in first person. The graphics is quite beautiful, though not very bright, is a fine example of the "old 3D". Well-done animation of the portraits of the players (we can choose one of them to start), but it is very sad that, in spite of the futuristic surroundings, none of them presented any negumanoidy.

Overall – interesting and challenging is not the most trivial arcade game, which is good for an evening drink, but no more.

Enjoy playing Masterblazer online, it can be played on your browser and is free.