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Mario Is Missing!

A Educational game, Mario Is Missing! was released in 1992 by the famous developed The Software Toolworks, Inc.. It is a DOS game and is perfect for all video game lovers.

Mario Is Missing! description

Mario is Missing! - quite an interesting educational app for the famous mascot of Nintendo's plumber Mario. In many reviews of it (and Mario's Time Machine and Mario's Early Years) were compared with the well-known series of educational games about Carmen Sandiego, and obviously not in favor of the former. However, the first game with Luigi in the lead role has gained any kind of popularity (even if it came out on multiple platforms, including already beginning to rot the NES console) and the PC was released as a floppy version and the CD reissue with a strange voice (Mario speaks with a pronounced Italian accent, and Luigi - no).

Oddly enough, but in the name of the fit is not the whole story - Mario ate some of those chocolates and was confined in the castle of Koopa (the main antagonist of the series). The latter, incidentally, villainous plans are much more ambitious - the flooding of the planet Earth through melting of the Antarctic ice instead of a kidnapped Princess.

The player controls Luigi, brother of Mario. It all starts in the castle, where you can choose which of the five cities (Rome, Nairobi, Beijing, Moscow, San Francisco) to start the game. In fact, the goal is to nail down the location of all the turtles (their location can be obtained from passers-by), collect all the attractions associated with a particular country, or parts of them and to bring them into the museums. Then have to answer some questions (this is the educational element in the game can I find information about a particular monument, building or structure). After completing all five stages on the screen appears the next floor of the castle where you also need to choose the level (a total of 25 cities in 24 countries), and in the end, you're on the top floor with Mario and Koopa.

The DOS version is the only where there is a phone number where you can contact the employees of the museums to ask something or warn about the presence of landmarks. Also Luigi has a computer where you can read about the situation in the city, and a limited number of yellow machines, with which you can hire a taxi and drive to a specific point on the map (mostly useless).

It is worth noting that the graphics in the game is really great (in a version for SNES, for example, using sprites from Super Mario World, and everything is drawn from scratch). But it is worth noting that all fit in the screen (320x240, by the way - rarely used in applications for DOS screen resolution) part of the level is monotonous, which, coupled with a confusing map and a little eccentric displacement system can pretty Pat nerves. Music - remixes of the same from Super Mario World, which are separately noted by the critics in reviews of those years.

If someone game seem too easy or Vice versa, in the settings you can change the difficulty level, composed at the age of playing - from seven years to eighteen and above (what kind of adult will this play?). Children may Mario is Missing! and can recommend, but the lack of translation into Russian language of all the cuts on the vine. As a trainer in English - either, as in the dialogues meet difficult to translate colloquial expressions.

Now, play Mario Is Missing! online for free on your browser and make your boring weekend fun and full of entertainment.


Mario Is Missing!

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