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Lords of the Realm

Do you want to relive your good old memories? Play Lords of the Realm again, it’s a perfect DOS game launched in 1994 and a must-play for all video game lovers.

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In the court of England, thirteenth century. You together with five other lords are fighting for the right of becoming king. A simple premise for a very interesting step-by-step strategy that literally "brought to the people the" firm Impressions.

No worries with the English Lord a lot. You need to follow the growth of the population care to the residents of each province were provided with food and were protected from the raids of neighboring provinces, subordinate to other lords. You want to build your castle to withstand a siege by outsiders, and not to forget about the creation of his army.

The first thing you should attend to the arrangement of his province. The peasants were willing to give their sons in your army and bend back on the construction of your castle, they have to provide food. In each County there are a number of fields, each of which can be used for planting crops, breeding of large or small cattle. Do not forget about such a tricky word, as crop rotation is not necessary to use all available fields at once, some need to be left unseeded until next year.

But no matter how much improvement do their own Principality, but sooner or later they will have to raise an army to expand their holdings. Building an army is not easy. Moreover, that part of the farmers will have hard to get wood and iron, so he still needs to create the desired shape, after selecting what kind of troops you want to.

Each unit has its advantages and disadvantages. The exceptions are almost invulnerable horsemen, but their disadvantage becomes an exceptional cost. Archers razyat on crossbowmen, but their arrows hardly penetrate heavy armor, swordsmen stronger than peasants with clubs, but in their armor they move slower, and so on.

The battle takes place in real time, but with the use of active pause. Most often it boils down to shattering the enemy with arrows and then fleeting melee where the winner is the one who is less affected by arrows, and one sword better.

Want to play Lords of the Realm online now, play it on your browser here.

Source: Archive.org, Mobygames.com

Lords of the Realm

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