Links 386 CD cover
Links 386 CD game front cover

Links 386 CD

Talented and creative developer Access Software, Inc. released Links 386 CD in the year 1995. The game was new, challenging and very engaging. Play it again online here.

Links 386 CD description

Links 386 CD – another good Golf simulator, including field and Banff Springs Harbour Town. This is an updated version of Links 386 Pro 1992.

The player chooses in the menu field configures various settings at your own discretion and starts the game. In the settings you can also adjust the position of the ball, the putter, the force of impact, etc. Before starting it is useful to read the help and practice. Courses are completely real and really help to settle even the layman.

The game has many gorgeous Golf courses, there are tips and comments. They send the player, lead him to his goal – to drive the ball into the hole.

The graphics are pretty primitive for modern systems, but good for the time (the 90th years of the XX century). Added more accurate physics. You can while away the evening, and not one.

Enjoy playing Links 386 CD online, it can be played on your browser and is free.


Links 386 CD

Access Software, Inc.
Access Software, Inc.
1st-person, Top-down