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Khalaan, a top-notch Strategy/Tactics game was developed by Rainbow Arts Software GmbH in the year 1990. This was a very famous and in-demand DOS game. You can play it online here again.

Khalaan description

A real gem (no pun intended) for all funs of old turn-based strategy kind of game is a dream, the only one of its kind. Like the gameplay and basic, but the surroundings...

You are tired of the spires of the towers of European castles, boring songs of the minstrels and morose petty feudal knights, which are not only at war with the enemy force not pound, but which also can betray at the first opportunity? So let's get out of Europe! Go to where among the sand dunes, sounds of the muezzin's call to prayer, the third, where the women are beautiful not only the body but the soul, where under a beautiful night sky with thousands of stars scattered nimble thief gets away from that stupid nukers on the background of the mighty, yet graceful domes of the Palace of the Caliph, and somewhere far, far away from the capital of a strong and hardy children of the desert, hiding the face under the scarlet burnoose and riding camels loyal and unpretentious, and plant the canons of the true faith curved sabers and hoisting over another fallen city the banner of Islam...

Khalaan is the only one in the history of computer strategy games that offers you to assume the leadership of the Arab Caliphate, and from the very beginning of the Arab Islamic history – from early VII century ad when South-West Arabia, on the site of the oldest States in the region (which in modern textbooks does nothing...), was born a new religion, which became the main system-forming factor and forced to move the people who created the great power (albeit fragile), surpassed in the territory of the Roman Empire.

The very same gameplay is pretty standard for the subgenre. Each season is one turn. During this time, you've got a lot to do, both military and economic and diplomatic parts. The bigger your Empire, the harder it will be in the future to manage it. You have to take care not only about the army (although in the beginning of the game, the most attention must be paid to her – because you will be fighting with other Arab tribes), but also about the economy: resource production, tax collection, laying the caravan trails and water trade routes – all this rests squarely on your shoulders. And the enemies around...

Some historians are still wondering over the reasons for such impressive victories of the "wild" of the Arabs over the "civilized" armies of Byzantium and Persia, and the game has a high degree of historical accuracy, so the "stars" don't wait to build his own Caliphate, though it is possible, but quite difficult. It is curious that to win through military force cannot be used; often (especially for mid-game) will have to use a well-developed diplomacy. Also keep in mind that your "partners" are very different from each other: to achieve some petty potentates is much easier than from the Byzantine Emperor or the Shah of Iran.

Question graphics touch separately is not desirable. All graphics in these games in the first place never was, and this is no exception. Maybe someone will not like the fact that there is even a beautiful animated inserts, but trust me – it is not important. Of the "positive" graphic moments I want to note a good drawing card, and especially the portrait of your Alter-ego in the style pozdnerimskoe painting.

Several game modes (including mode of a global map), the battle on land and sea, detailed and multi-faceted management of various aspects of public life – all this, and, of course, exotic surroundings do Khalaan great gift to all lovers of the classics.

Not sure how to pass your time, why not play our classic videogame Khalaan online? And the best part, it is for free!



Rainbow Arts Software GmbH, Softgold Computerspiele GmbH