Kengi Introductory Screen.
Introductory Screen.


Play Kengi online now. This game was released by Software 2000 in 1991 and has fantastic Board Game gameplay.

Kengi description

Very rare and funny German puzzle, a kind of variation on the theme of the Board game Othello, aka Reversi (a lot of various computer incarnations), but in the likeness of the three dimensions (of course, as far as possible in 1991).

A few words should be said about General rules of the game. There is a playing field, five by five cells. The game is two players (human vs computer or another person), each of them has its own "army" funny round creatures who gave the name of the game and which differ in color (one green, the other yellow). The tactical goal is to place in a row vertically, horizontally, or diagonally in this field at least four of their creatures in a row and not to give do it the opponent, the strategic – to obtain a higher score than him. The game ends after the exhaustion of all beings, or when no one else can make any move. Formal rules have to go so that between previously placed on the field and being placed was a number of any orientation of at least two (or one) enemy creatures, then they will change their color and become "yours". But the rules of the game more difficult sometimes to understand exactly where possible, and where not to put the creature, it is very difficult (and in General we can say that this game is far from simple).

The main difference Kengi from a variety of options Reversi – what actually the game is really three dimensional, and not because things can seem so. The fact that the field that you see is only one of five (!) fields available for you to play (note also on the panel interface on the right side of screen – it shows all five fields and the location of the creatures at them), so line up rows of creatures is possible not only horizontally, but also vertically (the remaining four fields – sort wall "cube").

Again mentioning that the graphics in the puzzle should not be assessed here, it is worth to say that the picture for its time, simply excellent: the whole environment and creatures are drawn very large and with high quality. Due to the extreme strangeness and excitement to the game warmly recommended to all fans of the really interesting puzzles.

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