Ka-50 Hokum cover
Ka-50 Hokum game front cover

Ka-50 Hokum

Virgin Interactive Entertainment (Europe) Ltd. developed a Vehicular Combat Simulator game in the year 1995 called Ka-50 Hokum. You can play it online now.

Ka-50 Hokum description

The mysterious game that combines strategy and simulation. Mysterious, because, in my opinion, very interesting, but for some reason it is extremely obscure and rare.

In it you are asked to take on the role of commander of an aircraft carrier, floating off the coast of Indonesia, where all is full of sinister pirates, and at the same time the commander of the helicopter. Helicopters you have four, and Ka-50 "Black shark" (NATO classification -Hokum) – just one of them.

Interestingly, the missions you can plan and choose for yourself, but each will be linked to the previous one, that is, from what mission you choose first will determine further action. After planning the mission on the ship you fly on a mission in a helicopter.

Mission variety – you can just beat the pirates to escort the peace court, to land on one of the Islands troops, rescue the captured soldiers, destroy a pirate base... interestingly right around the time of the mission, you can switch to vehicle mode, to start planning new.

The verdict – worth a look for fans of tactical military simulation that I missed something the "new old".

Relive your old memories by playing Ka-50 Hokum free and online on your browser now.

Source: Archive.org, Mobygames.com